Welcome to the website of the Parish of Haversham with Little Linford.


The site is voluntarily run and managed by and for the residents of this community, and is sponsored by the local Parish Council and Social Centre. We hope that members of the wider community of Milton Keynes, as well as people living further afield nationally and internationally, will also find the site a useful source of information.

The site belongs to everyone in the parish and is evolving all the time, with plans to add more on local history and the local environment. We also welcome contributions from other residents, so please do let us know if you would like to add anything. All submissions should be sent in the first instance to Lesley Gilbert. Use the links to the left to explore the site, let us know if there are any errors or inaccuracies, but most of all, enjoy the site!

Photographers wanted

We are collecting good quality photos from around the parish for use as our page header images. We hope to change the images regularly throughout the year in keeping with the seasons. We are especially short on images of Little Linford. So if you think you can take a good picture, get your camera out and have a go! Pictures taken on sunny days are particularly welcome.