About The Parish

Haversham is a village in north Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom, very near to the new city of Milton Keynes.

Haversham is a community made up of two parts, the ‘old village’ and ‘the estate’. It is built in the Great Ouse valley and has stunning scenery of water meadows, weeping willows, kingfishers, swans and the bubbling, meandering river that is a mecca for anglers. more…

Little Linford was once a traditional estate village, owned and maintained by the Knapp family until the 1960s. Its name derives from a ford over a brook, ‘Lin’. It was mentioned in the Domesday Book as a Manor and was bought by the Knapp family in 1684.

The last Lord of the Manor to live at Linford Hall died in the 1950s by which time the building had deteriorated both on account of the war and the reduced rental income from 1930 inwards. When the whole estate was inherited in the 1960s by Michael Knapp, Linford Hall had fallen into disrepair.  more…

Nearest airports

Nearest airports are Luton (30 mins), Stansted (90 mins) and Heathrow (60 mins).