Haversham Hedgehogs

Handmade hedgehog figures individually made and sold entirely for charity.

Haversham Hedgehogs was started by Alison Deering after an idea for the Autumn Bazaar escalated and demand overtook output. An SOS message was placed in the church magazine for assistance and in May 1988 the Haversham Hedgehog Factory came into operation. A group of around 10 ladies under Alison’s guidance now meet regularly at her cottage to pool their combined talents to produce these original figures for sale.

Each hedgehog produced is unique and makes an attractive inexpensive gift. They can be tailored to individual requirements and are often chosen to commemorate a special event, e.g. a wedding or retirement or move. In the past we have produced anything from artists to aristocracy, butchers to bishops, school children to sweeps, nurses to nursery rhymes. In fact there are few challenges we will not accept.

The hedgehogs are all made out of materials which are donated to us and all the money raised is given to charity. They are sold via local events, i.e. the village fete, the autumn bazaar, etc. They can also be bought direct from Vine Cottage. They can also be booked to attend local group meetings such as WI, luncheon clubs and senior citizen clubs and other charity events such as school or church fund raising activities.

In 2006, Haversham Hedgehogs are pleased to have raised in excess of £1,000 for charity.