Haversham Sailing Club


A special local facility in Haversham is the Sailing Club, based on Haversham Lake and accessed off the High Street. Many of the club’s existing members live in or near to Haversham, although there are many who also come many miles to sail on the beautiful lake.

The Club is affiliated to the Royal Yachting Association and is recognised by them as a Training Establishment. The entire site is owned by the Club, purchased with aid of a generous Lottery grant and a bank loan. It is run entirely by unpaid volunteers hence, as well as paying a subscription, all members are expected to play a supporting part in some aspect of Club life by assisting with race or social organisation once or twice a year.

Why sailing? Well it’s an excellent all year round family sport and pastime. As a sport, both young and old, novice and expert, men and women can compete together on equal terms, either singly, in pairs or in teams. As a pastime it provides families wonderful opportunities to meet new challenges and work together to learn new skills. Members are able to use the facilities every day of the year. We have a small Social members’ fee so if you just want to watch others getting wet or observe a wide variety of flora and fauna, as well s a wonderful variety of bird life – HSC is the place to be..

If you are a new or prospective member we look forward to meeting you at the club. We pride ourselves on being a friendly bunch so please feel free to ask questions about any aspect of the Club. Sunday is always the best day to find a variety of members to talk to – please pop along and Have-a-chat. The success of the Club and its integration into the wider community depends entirely upon the commitment and enthusiasm of its members. We do have Rules which are simple and as non-restrictive as possible.

As far as sailing goes we organise racing every Sunday as well as some weekday evenings. Sail training, safety and first aid are catered for – so anyone with skills related to these are particularly welcome. We also have occasional ‘Open’ events which help put Haversham on the map. Our very popular Buccaneer section which, as well as training the under 16s, organises special events for them. It has a fleet of its own dinghies.

Keep a look out for all our activities via the Calendar section of the Club’s website – and of course all members get the quarterly Have-a-Chat Newsletter.