Parish Council

The Parish Council is a democratically elected body serving the Parish of Haversham and Little Linford. Its purpose is to protect and promote the interests of parishioners and to provide local services. The Parish Council liaises with Milton Keynes Council over improvements and changes to services and infrastructure.

The Council meets every month (except August) on the third Monday of the month. Meetings are held in Haversham Social & Community Centre and start at 7.30 pm. Each meeting is open to the public and there is a public forum of 15 minutes at the beginning of the meeting to allow parishioners to raise any matters that they wish to bring the Parish Council’s attention. A further 5 minutes of public forum is allowed at the end of the meeting.

An agenda is issued for each meeting and is posted on the Parish notice boards approximately 5 days before the meeting. It can also be accessed through this site.